24HR ECG Monitoring

What is a Holter Monitor?

A 24-hour ECG Holter monitor is a small device worn by a patient which records the hearts electrical signals over a period.  The monitor records heart rate and rhythm and can help identify which patients might be at a higher risk of sudden cardiac events.

Holter Monitor Patient Preparation

Medications you are taking may impact the test results of you Holter Monitor.  For this reason, it is important to follow any instructions given to you by the doctor who has asked you to have the test done.

There are no special dietary requirements or restrictions, but it is advisable that you take a shower or bath before you have the test done.  You will have ECG discs placed on your chest, and these will not be able to get wet during the length of the test.  Usually you will wear the ECG discs for 24 to 48 hours.

You may be asked to keep a diary of your activities and symptoms during the 24-hour period that you are wearing the Holter Monitor.  You may also be asked to press a button on the Holter Monitor if and when you get any cardiac symptoms such as a "racing heart".


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  • 24hr ECG Monitoring