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Referrers can access their patient's imaging and reports via their existing InteleViewer software installation.  Instructions for using InteleViewer can be found here.

InteleViewer access leverages the most popular and widely used diagnostic imaging platform, enabling Allied Health Professionals, General Practitioners and Specialists to review their patient’s diagnostic imaging via supported platforms such as Windows, Macintosh, IOS and Android devices.

Request InteleViewer Access

If you would like to be setup for InteleViewer access so that you are able to view your patient’s digital images and diagnostic reports please click the button below and follow the instructions.


iConnect Patient Portal Card

Use iConnect Patient Portal to view patients’ images that have arrived for their consultation and have presented you with their Gold Coast Radiology Patient Portal Card.

Gold Coast Radiology has introduced an innovative Patient Portal Card system.  Every patient that attends Gold Coast Radiology will receive a Gold Coast Radiology Patient Portal Card.  This card when handed over from the patient to the clinician, will enable you the clinician to view the patients images and reports online anywhere in the world, the difference is that only that particular patients images and reports will be viewable.  You will not be able to see your other patients’ images.  The patient portal card is unique to the patient.

Patient Portal

If you have been presented with a patients portal card and wish to view that particular patients images, please click the button below to be taken to the Gold Coast Radiology Patient Portal page, or navigate back to the homepage of the website and click the "iConnect Patient Portal" button.

Gold Coast Radiology Patient Card

iConnect Image Portal for Doctors

Use iConnect Web Portal to view patients’ images before the patient arrives for their consultation.

Gold Coast Radiology has an online image viewing portal which enables the referring physician to have direct access to their patient’s diagnostic radiology imaging and diagnostic radiology reports, like the InteleViewer platform.  To access your patient’s diagnostic radiology imaging via the secure iConnect portal, you will need to be setup with a username and password.  You can either call us on (07) 5514 2555 and ask to be setup with an account, or you can complete the "Request iConnect" form below.

This iConnect access will enable you, the clinician, to view all patients’ images and reports that you have referred directly to Gold Coast Radiology.  You can review your patient’s images prior to the patient arriving at your practice.  Alternatively, you can wait for your patient to arrive, and ask them for their unique Gold Coast Radiology Patient Portal Card.  Follow the instructions on the Patient Portal Card to login and view the patient’s images and diagnostic imaging report.

If you already have an iConnect username and password, click on the "iConnect Web Portal - digital image access" button below to be taken to the iConnect Image Portal page.

Request iConnect Access

If you would like to be setup for iConnect access so that you are able to view your patients digital images and diagnostic reports please complete the following form.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Electronic Report Delivery

Gold Coast Radiology delivers diagnostic radiology reports electronically.  The delivery of reports is encrypted and occurs automatically via Medical Objects.  Your practice needs to be setup to receive reports via Medical Objects, please contact Medical Objects directly for assistance.  The delivery of reports is based on medicare provider numbers, and as such it is important that Gold Coast Radiology has your current active provider number on file.  If your provider number changes, or you move practice locations, please make sure to contact Gold Coast Radiology so that our records can be updated.  This will ensure continuation of the report delivery service.

Please note that you can also view your patient’s diagnostic radiology reports via the iConnect web portal, alternatively faxed reports can also be generated and delivered to your practice.  If you would prefer this method of delivery please contact us on (07) 5514 2555.

Referring Your Patients to GRC

All diagnostic imaging studies (excluding non-diagnostic 4D pregnancy scanning) require a written referral from the referring physician before a diagnostic imaging study can be undertaken.  If you require the attending radiologist at Gold Coast Radiology to consult your patient (for example when they require an interventional study), then a separate request should accompany the imaging referral.

You can complete a referral form for your patient using your practice software on pre supplied Gold Coast Radiology referrals, or alternatively use your practice software (such as Medical Director or Best Practice) to complete an electronic referral.  Remind your patients to bring the referral with them when they attend Gold Coast Radiology, or alternatively if you have sent an electronic referral, Gold Coast Radiology administration staff will contact your patient and arrange a suitable appointment time. 

If you require additional blank referrals please contact our administration staff on (07) 5514 2555 to arrange for additional referrals to be sent to your practice.

You can also download a pdf version of our diagnostic imaging referral, complete it, then either print it and give it to your patient, or email the completed referral to Gold Coast Radiology and ask your patient to phone to make an appointment which is suitable for them.

[Download GCR Referral] 

[Download GCR electronic Referral for Medical Director and Best Practice]

Provide Feedback

All feedback is appreciated.  Click the button below to be taken to our feedback form.  If you prefer to discuss your experience, or service received at Gold Coast Radiology directly please call us on (07) 5514 2555.

What Study to Request?

Gold Coast Radiology has a very open communications policy, and the success of the department is based on the open communication channels between the specialist radiologists onsite and the referrer.  Much of the radiologist’s day is spent liaising with the referring practitioner.  This open communication ensures:

  • the most appropriate diagnostic imaging is performed for your patient
  • accurate and efficient diagnosis for your patient
  • fastest diagnostic report delivery

If you have any queries regarding the most appropriate test to request for your patient, or if you would like to discuss a patients results directly with the reporting radiologist please phone on (07) 5514 2555.


  • MRI
  • CT
  • X-Ray
  • Ultrasound
  • Mammography
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Bone Mineral Density
  • 24hr ECG Monitoring